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Tonios Tabaco (aka Skelton) joins The Fire Side as partner in the Premium Cigar segment

Tonios Tabaco, the well known German Premium Cigar manufacturer joins The Fire Side as Partner in the Premium Cigar Segment.

Every Premium Cigar Aficionado in Germany knows Skelton, the premium Cigar brand of Tonio Neugebauer

The new "Skel Ton - Xrelaxx" cigar from Tonio's Tabaco is a true pleasure experience. Each hand-rolled cigar made from the finest tobacco leaves is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and taste.

The dark, somewhat rough Mexican San Andres wrapper wraps the cigar and already reveals that something special is waiting for you here. When the cigar is lit, a gentle interplay of aromas of wood, earth and delicate cocoa unfolds. A subtle spiciness and notes of coffee accompany the course of the smoke. In the further course, nuances of wood, earth, coffee, cocoa and a delicate sweetness join again. The taste of almonds is also present at times.

As with the "Skel Ton - Live Your Dreams", the first cigar launched by this brand, high-quality tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua were used to create a unique variety of flavours.

Two different binder leaves from Indonesia and Nicaragua support this diversity and give the smoke additional complexity.

The Founder Tonio Neugebauer plays the digital and social media marketing world quite well. He is very active on Facebook and Instagram and has collected many followers and friends around his amazing premium Cigar creations.

The Founder of THE FIRE SIDE, Maik Neubauer is also an absolute fan of these premium cigars and thanks Tonio for joining the partner circle of this new business network for Cigar Aficionados.

One of the well known Skelton accessoires which fueled the marketing campaign of the recent Skelton XRelaxX Cigar from Tonios Tabaco.

THE FIRE SIDE is the first international business network dedicated to Cigar enthusiasts, Connaisseurs and Aficionados who like to meet and network with likeminded peers, to talk about business, politics, culture and other common interests, while enjoying a good premium Cigar.

THE FIRE SIDE welcomes the team of Tonio's Tabaco in the partner circle.

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