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Supreme Tobacco joins The FireSide as partner in the Premium Cigar segment

The cigar culture started centuries ago on the beautiful island of Haiti - even before tobacco was cultivated in Cuba. The name of the Supreme premium cigars connects to this heritage.

Founded in 2015, Supreme Tobacco began with a dream between three friends and a common passion: the cigar. They visualized themselves smoking their own Haitian cigar with leaves grown in the fertile land of Mirebalais, producing a unique and particular flavor.

The product became their obsession, but their intention guided their vision – to place Haiti on the map as a leading producer of tobacco. Over five years, Supreme Tobacco has identified and nurtured the area’s most suitable soil for tobacco growing by irrigating the land and equipping farmers with adequate training and knowledge to produce the premium tobacco leaf that has retained the attention of the tobacco industry.

With a strong belief in Haiti’s potential, Supreme’s craft morphed into an all-Haitian produced cigar, giving it its characteristic: “from seed to smoke”.

Their goal is to develop a culture around tobacco in Haiti that will create sustainable jobs in the island’s most remote areas, increase the country’s agricultural production and shape a positive narrative of Haiti as a major tobacco producing nation.

With its farms in the Plateau Central, Supreme Tobacco is today the only producer of quality (premium) tobacco and the only Haitian cigar manufacturer. Located between Cuba and the Dominican Republic, Haiti has a unique, rich, and suitable land for tobacco production. History confirms that the farming of this magical commodity dates to the time of the Tainos, the first inhabitants of the island.

THE FIRE SIDE is the first international business network dedicated to Cigar enthusiasts, Connaisseurs and Aficionados who like to meet and network with likeminded peers, to talk about business, politics, culture and other common interests, while enjoying a good premium Cigar.

THE FIRE SIDE welcomes the team of Supreme Tobaccos in the international partner circle.

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