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Montes Cigars joins The FireSide as partner in the Premium Cigar segment

Montes Cigars, a Spain based manufacturer of hand-rolled premium Cigars joins The Fire Side as Partner in the Premium Cigar Segment.

MONTES arises from its founding partners, Israel and Iván Montes, the Montes brothers, dedicated for years to the tobacco market.

After more than two decades of experience in other tobacco companies and projects, in 2014 they decided to create their own company located in Barcelona (Spain), and, over the years, they decided to dream of having their own premium cigar brand.

Their brand was not intended to be just a brand of a new premium cigar. The project consisted of creating a guarantee seal in a collection of artisanal products referring to the Premium Cigar. A seal, the Montes seal, that defines quality in a product.

This seal required simple and at the same time difficult conditions; the common denominator of the collections would be quality, distinction, personality, a modern product, but with the know-how of tradition. Tradition and modernity united to a country of origin, to give value to the artisan, to what is made by hand, with the artist's pause, without hurry.

That is why the Montes brothers wanted their collections to be made in Spain, with Spanish materials and craftsmen, since Spain is a country rich in raw materials and craftsmenship.

In 2017 they launched their first collection on the market, a genuine Spanish leather case made in one of the places with the greatest tradition, where renowned brands manufacture many of their leather goods, Ubrique (Cádiz). A unique collection, pureras made with top quality cowhide, cured in a vegetable way, without chemicals, colored with natural pigments, with a rarely seen finish as it has no seams. In 2018 they saw another of their dreams come true, their own brand of premium cigars, Montes Serie M1 Cosecha 2014, a line of limited edition cigars made in Nicaragua.

THE FIRE SIDE is the first international business network dedicated to Cigar enthusiasts, Connaisseurs and Aficionados who like to meet and network with likeminded peers, to talk about business, politics, culture and other common interests, while enjoying a good premium Cigar.

THE FIRE SIDE welcomes the team of Montes Cigars in the international partner circle.

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