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HPC (Honduras Premium Cigars) joins The FireSide as partner in the Premium Cigar segment

HPC, a Honduras based manufacturer of hand-rolled Cigars joins The Fire Side as Partner in the Premium Cigar Segment.

"Our cigars are made by a long time established factory in Honduras implementing all the quality control processes to get a premium product, Réza BEY-BRAHIM, Brand owner (Honduras Premium Cigars)

HPC brand launches its ''All Honduran Tobacco Series'' aims to bring to cigar lovers worldwide the authentic flavors of tobaccos grown in Honduras, in the form of elegant cigars rolled by genuine artists in Danlí’s factories, respecting the local culture and traditions of cigar making. Such craftsmanship can only be found in the land that brought the cigar smoking rituals to humanity thousands of years ago, in the Mayan settlements of Western Honduras.

Such tobaccos also come from the very same Honduran land, from Copan to Jamastran and from Talanga to Trojes, these valleys produces some of the most flavorful and aromatic tobaccos ever found on earth. But for HPC this is not enough, we selected the best materials, giving priority to correctly fermented and aged tobaccos that deserves being called ''premium''.

HPC’s ''All Honduran Tobacco Series'' are meant to be the core line of the brand. What sets the brand and these series apart from the hundred of cigar brands around, is its educational theme directed to all cigar aficionados who likes to understand the great cigars they enjoys, bringing to them blends featuring the 7 main color shades of cigar wrappers (Candela, Claro, Colorado Claro, Colorado, Colorado Maduro, Maduro, Oscuro), the most popular strengths available in this universe (Mild, Medium, Strong), allowing the smoker to taste, enjoy, fathom and comprehend better the specificities of each strain involved in the blend (Candela, Corojo, Criollo, Habano, Connecticut, Copaneco…) and at the same time to experience the optimum shape and ring gauge ever designed for a premium cigar, the Belicoso shape in 5, 6 and 7 inches long, all with a 54 gauge, providing a concentrated smoke flow with a cool burn all the way to the nub.

At the end of the day, if it’s only about one thing, these series are a mere and sincere homage to the land and culture from where all started, the beautiful Land of Honduras.

HPC Cigars will be distributed in France by Bright Leaf Cigars, starting 01/11/2023.

THE FIRE SIDE is the first international business network dedicated to Cigar enthusiasts, Connaisseurs and Aficionados who like to meet and network with likeminded peers, to talk about business, politics, culture and other common interests, while enjoying a good premium Cigar.

THE FIRE SIDE welcomes the team of HPC in the partner circle.

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