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Corita Cigars joins The FireSide as partner in the Premium Cigar segment

Corita Cigars, (COmpagnie Réunionnaise d'Importation de TAbac) a La Reunion based manufacturer of hand-rolled premium Cigars joins The Fire Side as Partner in the Premium Cigar Segment.

"The story of Corita Cigars began with a trip to the land of cigars, Cuba. Mythical country which gave its most beautiful letters of nobility to the legendary history of cigars" Sabrina Fontaine and Jerome Monetti, Co-Founders of Corita Cigars

The trip to Cuba quickly turned into a real passion, and led to the organization of tastings and events between aficionados, on the small island in the Indian Ocean from which they come, Reunion Island.

The immediate success of the events also highlighted the difficulty of obtaining supplies, not only of cigars but above all of quality cigars.

Thanks to their extensive travels around the world and their connections in the Caribbean, the project of designing their own brand of cigars became obvious.

Driven by the values ​​of Reunion Island society, quality of life, sharing and generosity, the birth of the Corita brand (COmpagnie Réunionnaise d'Importation de TAbac) is part of a long local agricultural tradition. Indeed, long before the cultivation of sugar cane, tobacco was the dominant crop on Reunion Island.

To pay homage to this heritage and to the values ​​to which the founders are attached, the first range of the brand could only carry the unique identity of the island of Reunion and the Creole art of living. The names of the various Corita modules testify to this and bear loud and clear the traces of this anchoring.

Corita Cigars already has a broad reseller network on La Reunion but intends to expand into the European Union soon.

THE FIRE SIDE is the first international business network dedicated to Cigar enthusiasts, Connaisseurs and Aficionados who like to meet and network with likeminded peers, to talk about business, politics, culture and other common interests, while enjoying a good premium Cigar.

THE FIRE SIDE welcomes the team of Corita Cigars in the international partner circle.

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