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We do not believe in the traditional, time-based Consulting models

We do not want to just exchange time for fees


- What does not work -


- Less is more -



We believe in new ways of working - on-demand, on-site, on-line, remote and everywhere

We believe in transparency, trust and open communication with customers

We believe that stipulating change and delivering value is much more important than delivering billable hours on-site 

We believe in building business ecosystems and powerful networks - in order to help our customers cope with the complexity and speed of innovation

We believe in diversity and interdisciplinary teams with our clients experts and partnerships with other advisors or external thinktanks to reach the maximum

We believe in the use of advanced data analytics tools and complexity reduction methodologies to speed up the analytical fact finding process in projects

- Our Core beliefs  -



We do not believe in maximizing the number of Consultants in engagements 

We do not believe in tons of xls and ppt documents


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